The Staffing Strategies Survey: Uncovering Solutions for the Accounting Talent Gap

In the world of accounting and finance, a storm is brewing. The industry is facing a talent shortage like never before. The once steady stream of fresh accounting graduates, eager to dive into the world of numbers and balance sheets, is dwindling. Those sitting for the CPA exam and completing the requirements to earn a license is also going down. This has left accounting firms and finance teams scrambling to find and retain talent.

In the Fire of Expectations: About Work Models

Is it possible to kill two birds with one stone and create an ideal work model – one that would reconcile the expectations of employers and employees? See what trial by fire organizations are facing today and what they are doing to quench the desires of employees for the most comfortable working conditions. (NOTE: Originally published on from Polish to … Read More

Yes, You Should Put You First

In an era of demanding work environments and hectic lifestyles, personal resilience and self-care have become vital components for maintaining mental and physical well-being. Acknowledging the pressing need to address stress and work burnout, a June webinar hosted by the Center for Accounting Transformation brought together experts in the field to share valuable insights and practical strategies for stress reduction and building personal resilience.

It’s Time to MOVE the Needle on DEI 

The Accounting MOVE Project is the only annual benchmarking research and advocacy report that equips accounting and advisory firms to detect, develop, and drive competitive advantages from diversity initiatives and trends. 

Innovation Insights Podcast: Hong Consulting, LLC

The proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” could not be more true for Hong Consulting, LLC. It was created to help other companies with environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) reporting, but it was born of a passion for helping others from founder Adrian Hong.

After working in auditing in public accounting, Hong took his talents to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to update external taxonomy. However, home came calling.

Unleashing the Power of Technology: Transforming Accountants into Trusted Advisors

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technology is revolutionizing the way we work and live. Accountants and CPAs are no exception. We need to embrace the power of technology to enhance our services and better serve our clients as advisors. By leveraging technology and focusing on the complicated work that bots can’t do, accountants become trusted advisors, building deeper relationships and … Read More

The Heart and Soul of Public Accounting: Why Compliance Matters

In the world of accounting, compliance work is often seen as the unglamorous side of the profession. But what if I told you that compliance is the heart and soul of accounting, the unsung hero that makes advisory work possible? In this blog post, we will explore the importance of compliance work in the accounting profession, and why it’s time … Read More

Reality Check: Challenges Associated with Moving to Advisory Services

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the compliance workload, unable to provide valuable insights to your clients? Do you feel that your firm has the potential to grow and create a lasting impact, but capacity issues hinder your progress? You’re not alone. Many accounting firms are struggling with the same challenges. But what if there was a … Read More

90% of Accounting & Audit Firms Struggle to Find Talent

The issue has become so critical that the trickle-down effect is leaving many municipalities—and their citizens—in the lurch. Staffing shortages in the accounting industry have almost always been concerning, but it’s reaching epidemic heights. According to an April 21 article in Fortune, S&P Global Ratings withdrew 64 credit ratings for governments and utility systems for failing to file financial information … Read More

Transforming Your Team into Trusted Advisors

There’s a secret lurking in the depths of the public accounting world. A hidden treasure, a powerful weapon that can catapult your firm to new heights of success. It’s called “advisory services.” And yet, despite its immense potential, many firms are not yet experiencing its transformative power. Why? Because they’re looking in the wrong place. The truth is, advisory services … Read More