Is DEI Key to Recruiting, Retention & Performance?

Organizations with actionable DEI initiatives show higher productivity, less turnover, and more revenue, and more than 75% of job applicants say that a diverse workforce is an important factor when deciding where to work. 

Practices to Create Future-Ready Firms

In his blog posted on CPA Trendlines, Donny Shimamoto shares how firms should be embracing hybrid vendors that combine technology and services to offload lower end (and non-client facing) work, so that your team can focus on the analysis of the resulting data.

Charging into Change in 2022

Six weeks into 2022 and many need a reminder that it’s not just about embracing change, it’s about becoming a change agent who can adapt to any situation with confidence. Are you standing in your own way? Learn why each of us need to not only accept change, but we need to look for chances to change for constant improvement and learning.

How Do You Offer Hope?

Offering hope is one of the three super powers accountants possess, according to one thought leader. Learn how and meet one advisor who was caught off guard by her ability to give hope to others.