Why Does DEI Fail? Failure to Define Desired Outcomes

An international executive coach says DEI is critical for sustainability in all businesses across all industries.  In the latest episode of Transformation Talks, Scharrell Jackson, an international speaker, leadership coach, and business consultant, discussed the undeniable benefits of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in business culture, recruiting, and, especially, the bottom line. However, Jackson notes one main reason so many … Read More

Business Self-Reflection: The Power of Reinvention & Diverse Perspectives 

“The perspective of a non-accountant is imperative.” In a recent episode of Transformation Talks, Glen Harper and Julie Smith, key figures from Harper & Company CPAs Plus, told host Donny Shimamoto, CPA-CITP, CGMA, “Sometimes you have to rip some things apart to build a better firm.”   Harper, the owner, decided years ago that he needed a chief operations officer, or, … Read More

It’s Time to MOVE the Needle on DEI 

The Accounting MOVE Project is the only annual benchmarking research and advocacy report that equips accounting and advisory firms to detect, develop, and drive competitive advantages from diversity initiatives and trends. 

Innovation Insights Podcast: Hong Consulting, LLC

The proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” could not be more true for Hong Consulting, LLC. It was created to help other companies with environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) reporting, but it was born of a passion for helping others from founder Adrian Hong.

After working in auditing in public accounting, Hong took his talents to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to update external taxonomy. However, home came calling.

Team Transparency Drives Prosperity

Staff and employee annual reviews help assess where teams need additional help, guidance, and development. If only they weren’t so painful…Guest host Donny Shimamoto talks to Menlo Innovations representatives in this episode of Transformation Talks. Learn how more open reviews–and pay transparency–could improve team morale.

Every Firm Needs an Accounting Technologist

Wheeler also suggested ideas for introducing accounting innovations to staff and gaining adoption and how a “learn by doing” approach helps to build staff competency and is also a way to explore new solutions.

Innovation Insights Podcast: Trullion

Leveraging AI in Accounting with OCR and NLP: Learn how the accounting profession was the perfect breeding ground for database software and how it’s the perfect field to direct smarter technologies for the future.