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The Center for Accounting Transformation brings CPA Trendlines subscribers  cutting-edge CPE courses designed for forward-thinking business professionals who understand the importance of embracing change. These courses are specifically tailored to help you break free from the constraints of the status quo and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.
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Transformation CPE: Personal Resilience


Business & Boundaries for Better Time Prioritization and Work-Life Balance

Let’s face it, intent matters, and if you don’t have a good business culture or are taking care of your team, it’s not just your people feeling the impact, it’s also your organization’s overall performance that takes the hit. Personal sustainability is important, not only for the business professional, but for the organization. Learn about the impact of positive leadership styles; and how, as a leader, you can better advocate for your team through clearer boundaries for better time prioritization and work-life balance.


The Value of Personal Resilience: What Business Professionals Need to Know

Are you at risk for burnout? Becoming too focused on meeting deadlines and ignoring your physical and mental health can have an adverse affect on many business professionals who work more than 40 hours a week. Finding a balance and allowing time for self-care is not only important for employees, but also for organizations and their clients. Learn about the impact of stress, burnout, and the importance of personal wellness – especially during heightened times of seemingly never-ending responsibilities and expectations.


Taking Control of Your Mental Health Before Burnout

As the seasons change, so do the demands on our time and energy. Excessive stress and anxiety in the workplace can cause a drop in performance, missed workdays, poor productivity, and physical and mental health issues. It’s an uncontrollable spiral. Getting help early can be key to taking control of your mental health. Join us to learn how you can take back control of your mental health and understand how working with a therapist can help lessen your chances of burnout.


Live More, Stress Less: How to Stay Self-Aware and Beat Burnout

Accounting professionals, more than anyone know that sometimes it can be difficult to switch off from work – even on your days off. Although you may feel you are able to maintain the fast pace of your work, if you don’t take time to identify what drains you or lights you up, you become less productive and start to burn out. By focusing on yourself and your personal wellbeing,  you can maximize your productivity and become more fulfilled, both at work and in your personal life.

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The Center for Accounting Transformation is a NASBA approved CPE Sponsor listed on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors and offers ongoing learning through professional education programs that give you an opportunity to further demonstrate your commitment to enhance your knowledge base and bring value to your organizations and clients.

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