Options to Automate Your Tax Preparation Workflow

Donny Shimamoto

As tax busy season, seems to keep being tax crazy season year after year, tax preparers must begin leveraging tax automation software and other innovations to help bring some sanity back to their work. Attend this session to get updates about the technologies and other options available to help streamline tax return preparation, optimize client collaboration, and maximize firm profitability. The topics we’ll touch on include: client portals, workflow management, e-signatures, robotic process automation (RPA), outsourcing, and value pricing.

How Accountants Ensure Business Resiliency for the Next Pandemic

Donny Shimamoto

Learn how core accountant skills like risk management and financial planning & analysis—and their supporting technologies—and our core competencies of ethics and objectivity, play critical roles in driving better business decision-making.

How Automation and AI are Enhancing Management Accountants

Donny Shimamoto

Headlines abound saying that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) will eliminate the need for accountants. In reality, RPA and AI provide an excellent opportunity for accountants to automate more routine procedures and focus on delivering more value-added insights to help improve an organization’s performance or risk mitigation. Conversely, the use of AI can also have some adverse results if not managed properly. Accountants must be aware of these risks and work to ensure that the proper controls are in place to manage an organization’s operational and financial risks associated with automation and AI. Learn more about these technologies and their implications to the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective management accountant.

Winning Tax Season with Better Workflow & Capacity Management

Frank Stitley

Win next tax season by optimizing workflow in your practice using tactics from the project management and Lean Six Sigma worlds.  Experience hands-on lessons from “The Relentless CPA” to create your ideal workflow and optimize your capacity to delight clients with better service. 

Win the next tax season by optimizing workflow in your practice using tactics from the project management and Lean Six Sigma worlds. Utilize these technique to compute your tax season capacity.

How to Modernize Your Accounting Tech Stack with Mature Innovations

Donny Shimamoto

Tired of everyone telling you that you need to modernize your accounting services, but not telling you how to actually do it? Let us guide you through creating your accounting innovation strategy and developing a plan for modernizing the way you provide accounting services using a holistic and time-proven view of your processes and information needs. Walk away from this workshop having:

Identified opportunities to leverage technology to automate accounting processes
Identified ways to classify information needs that drive decision-making
An understanding of how to create a more sustainable organization by shifting to a strategy-driven view of your products & services
Identified potential vendors to help optimize your accounting services

Learn to revamp your service offerings to increase profitability (accounting firms) or reduce cost (accounting departments) as well as optimize your staff’s workload. While many technologies come with some cost, they can greatly reduce manual labor and risk of error when integrated well. By providing more holistic services to your “customers”, you also better position yourself to be a trusted advisor and increase “customer” retention and satisfaction.