Business Continuity Planning for Non-Techies​

Donny Shimamoto

One of the best ways to mitigate ransomware risk is to have a good Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place. Come join us and learn how to create a BCP for your firm or to validate that your current BCP addresses key risk areas and leading practices.

Building Camaraderie, Culture, and Inclusivity in a Remote Environment

Jina Etienne

Remember when working remotely generally meant working at a space different from your assigned location—such as your client’s office, a conference, or another office? Today, remote work has become a business model, not a descriptor of where someone is working on any given day. In this session, we will look at key elements of workplace culture and how they are impacted by the remote work model.

How ESG Reports Can Help With Recruitment and Retention

Donny Shimamoto

We’re facing a shortage of accountants and the “great resignation” is putting the employee in a position of power in deciding whether to stay with a current employer or jump to another employer. When recruiting and retaining employees, how do organizations differentiate themselves as an employer of choice? The answer: ESG reports.

How to Upgrade Your Client Base to Optimize Profits

Jean Caragher

For many CPA firms, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a burst of new clients with many businesses needing the expertise of accountants to remain solvent. Upgrade your client base to optimize profits by retaining your best clients, obtaining more ideal clients, and transitioning out your worst clients.

Engaging Your Hybrid Team: How to Ensure Employee Engagement and Equity When Working Remote

Karl Ahlrichs

Managing a hybrid team successfully and equitably requires adjustments to your management style. Leaders must ensure that in-office employees don’t receive favorable treatment or opportunities, and that employees working remotely don’t feel left out or disconnected from the team. Explore the leadership changes to implement now so you can encourage employee engagement and ensure equity in a hybrid environment. Plus, look at how your organization should shift its performance measures and definitions of success so all employees are treated fairly, regardless of where they work.