Ala Shimamoto

No stranger to a zany world, Ala excels in managing the seemingly unmanageable and enjoying life to its fullest. When given the tough task of restoring the faith of the community, Ala is forced to reveal her powers as ... >>

Mission Outreach Specialist

Origin Story

... Mission Outreach Specialist. Ala jumped into action and drew from her experiences to #improvetheworld.


Ala Shimamoto

Mission Outreach Specialist

From Day One, Ala has jumped on the wave of transformation at the Center with both eyes open and both hands cheering with excitement.  Her heart pours years of marketing experience into everything that she does and success is never too far away when she lets her creative mind flourish.  Ala is a vital conduit, keeping channels flowing and supporting the planning process.


Ala Shimamoto brings more than 17 years of marketing and public relations experience.  She most recently worked for a mobile technology company, though most of her professional career has been in the travel and tourism industry.  Ala lends a voice to those outside of financial community.  Being the lone non-accountant/non-financial professional produces great benefits and insights to the team.

One of Ala’s favorite marketing initiatives is to build partnerships.  She has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, Hawaiian Airlines, Costco, and the US Military branches.  Ala has developed solid foundations with partners by creating promotions, organizing events, and reaching marketing goals together.

When she is not wearing her consultant boots, Ala adorns her “mom” hat.  She is raising her two kiddos with her loving hubby.  Weeknights and weekends are spent adventure seeking, storytelling, fun filling, and activity packed with this family.  Her love for travel and food only adds to the mix she calls life.  It is crazy, it is zany, but it is her own and would not have it any other way.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Chaminade University, Honolulu, HI (1999)


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