Bill Penczak

Never afraid to do things his own way, Bill Penczak is known to break the mold in the industry. He travels the world, enjoying great food, the great outdoors in the Pacific NW, music (hosting his own radio program), and challenging the status quo with innovative strategies as... >>

Chief Transformation Officer

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... Chief Transformation Officer! Drawing on his many years of experience in public accounting, consulting, and as a COO, Bill produces tangible results to helps clients improve operations, growth and people.


Bill Penczak

Chief Transformation Officer

A thought leader on firm growth, culture, and profitability, Bill is laser-focused on developing the Center’s unique integrated approach for accounting firm transformation.

Through the examination of the current state and working with firm stakeholders to develop the desired state for a successful accounting firm, Bill provides education, coaching, and capability development with a focus on strategic planning, revenue growth, margin management, firm risk management and human resources.


The founder and chief insight officer for MICA Ventures, a professional services consulting firm based in the Seattle area, Bill is a 30-year marketing and sales professional who has been a shareholder in firms in two different industries, has served as COO of a consulting firm in which he led a turnaround, and has held regional, national, and global marketing and sales roles for CPA firms.

Bill is both creative and analytical. He can create and analyze research, convert it into actionable strategies, and create innovative marketing programs that generate and retain high margin customer relationships. He is also a regular contributor to CPA Trendlines on topics related to firm management, growth, and people issues.

When he is not focused on firm transformation for the Center, Bill is more than likely reading a real book (and taking notes on the pages), writing his next masterpiece, hosting a radio program on a community station in Sequim, Washington, or engaging with one of the community boards or nonprofits where he volunteers.


Bachelor of Science (BS), – Advertising , University of Texas at Austin – Austin, TX (1979)


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