Mai Le

Your everyday Marketing Coordinator by trade; Mai spends her working hours creating and crafting promotional material. But after work, she's still crafting, but as ... >>

Mission Outreach Specialist

Origin Story

... Mission Outreach Specialist. Mai uses her love for puzzles, arts, and cleaning to craft precise solutions to complex problems.


Mai Le

Mission Outreach Specialist

Mai’s passion for volunteering and hands-on experience working in an accounting firm allow her to bring the Center’s unique brand to life. She designs and executes the Center’s outreach mission on social media, spreading our inspiration and letting people know about opportunities to learn to #improvetheworld.


Mai Le is a Marketing Coordinator at IntrapriseTechknowlogies LLC.  Her expertise and skills enables her to create new and exciting ways to enhance the Marketing role. Thanks to digital transformation, she is able to reinvent how Marketing professionals present events and products to many clients with a more customer-centric focus. Mai continues to test out new platforms to improve her skills everyday, allowing her to make sound recommendations. On her free time she’s the mother of 1 (soon to be 2) amazingly smart daughter, wife to a talented chef, and artist to the world.

While her love for math and science started her out as a Chemical Engineer, she pivoted her focus to Marketing and Sales due to her outgoing nature. This lead her into the world of Property & Casualty and Life Insurance Sales so she could help people, particularly the Asian American market, understand insurance and how it plays a role in financial planning. This opened up doors to working at a small Accounting firm in Houston when commuting 2 hours to and from work was no longer an option. After the partners retired, Mai continued on as Project Coordinator at a mid-sized Accounting firm before deciding to be a Stay at Home mom. This was the perfect opportunity to work remotely. Being a part of a future-focused company such as ITK and the Center for Accounting Transformation with remote employees all around the world has definitely changed the definition of working moms.

When Mai’s not working (or momming) you you can bet she’s volunteering in the community. From Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Anime Mastsuri, Houston Community Closet, Youth Leadership Council, Houston BBQ Festival, Lunar New Year Houston, to Cinderella/Cinderfella Project; her interests are far and wide. She’s so passionate about volunteering, she often leads a department of volunteers. You might also find her teaching acrobatics in the park or taking pictures at the Hong Kong Association events. If there is ever any down time, she creates custom art, typically backdrop décor and pop figurines.


  • B.B.A. Marketing, University of Houston, TX (2010)
  • Sales Professional Certification- Program for Excellence in Selling, University of Houston, TX (2010)
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship Certification- Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Houston, TX (2010)