Michelle "Miki" McLean

Born with the latent ability to harness surrounding chaos and amplify her power to connect the dots, Miki McLean is the ultimate PTA President. At the blink of an eye, this everyday girl who enjoys mountain biking, dancing hula, and kayaking with the power to organize anything and everything can quickly transform into... >>

Mission Advocacy Liaison

Origin Story

... Mission Advocacy Liaison. Miki identifies opportunities to enhance your transformation journey and inspires innovation throughout the galaxy. No stranger to the accounting profession, she is ready to advocate for your journey through the Center and #improvetheworld.


Michelle "Miki" McLean

Mission Advocacy Liaison

Equipped with more than 30 years of customer service, Michelle “Miki” McLean is primed to serve as an advocate for the Center for Accounting Transformation and ensure that all subscribers and inspiration operatives have an engaging, efficient, and effective experience at every turn. 


Miki’s longevity and commitment to supporting and mapping out the customer journey and identifying opportunities for organizations has assisted her in developing long-term working and professional relationships that have served her well throughout the course of her career. 
No stranger to the profession, Miki previously worked for the Washington Society of CPAs, where she managed the Continuing Professional Education department. In that position, she was responsible for ensuring the delivery of high-quality events and education programs to CPAs and financial professionals throughout Washington state. Additionally, Miki planned and managed conferences, seminars, and webinar logistics; coordinated vendor sponsorships and exhibit booths; and developed custom learning programs for CPA firms.  
In 2016, Miki’s path brought her to IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC where she was a senior consultant on the Professional Education team. After a short hiatus from the firm, Miki has returned to help advance the mission and vision of the Center for Accounting Transformation and to #EnableTransformation for all stakeholders.  
In her role with the Center, Miki will focus on enabling the transformation journey and coordinating the provisioning of professional training and development resources within the context of the accounting profession and its associated disciplines. Believing that every touchpoint along a stakeholder’s journey is a chance to make their experience remarkable, Miki serves as a liaison between the Center and its various association partners and affiliates. 
When she’s not focused on identifying opportunities to enhance someone’s transformation journey and inspire innovation, Miki likes to spend time dancing hula, mountain biking, and organizing anything she can get her hands on.


  • Business Training Institute, Seattle WA, Certificate of Completion (1998) 


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