Innovation Awareness (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

Innovations in audit are constantly evolving in the areas of automation technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, and data visualization. This course provides an overview into the current and upcoming capabilities in each of these areas. This course was designed for auditors and people supporting the audit process to enable them to identify opportunities to leverage these technologies and techniques … Read More

How Automation and AI are Enhancing Management Accountants (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

Headlines abound saying that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) is going to eliminate the need for accountants. In reality, RPA and AI provide a great opportunity for accountants to automate more routine procedures and focus on delivering more value-added insights to help improve an organization’s performance or risk mitigation.  Conversely, the use of AI within organizations can … Read More

Winning Tax Season with Better Workflow & Capacity Management (On Demand)

Frank Stitley

Win next tax season by optimizing workflow in your practice using tactics from the project management and Lean Six Sigma worlds.  Experience hands-on lessons from “The Relentless CPA” to create your ideal workflow and optimize your capacity to delight clients with better service.

Proven Strategies to Leverage Automation & Outsourcing to Reduce Your Accounting/Tax Workload (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

Busy season seems to keep getting busier. Last-minute changes to the tax code, delayed tax software updates, workload compression, and a shortage of experienced accounting professionals continue to exacerbate what is already a grueling season for many accounting firms. Client fee pressures force firms to figure out how to get more productivity out of their existing staff while not burning … Read More

Profitability Through Accountability: Plugging the Leaky Bucket (On Demand)

Bill Penczak

While most firms focus on top line growth, the most successful firms place equal if not greater importance on margin contribution. There are many factors that can impact margin, and evolving trends including alternative pricing models, alternative staffing models, and better overall processes to ensure that firms can make a profit on their engagements. In this course, we will discuss … Read More

How to Modernize Your Accounting Tech Stack with Mature Innovations (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

Learn to revamp your service offerings to increase profitability (accounting firms) or reduce cost (accounting departments) as well as optimize your staff’s workload. While many technologies come with some cost, they can greatly reduce manual labor and risk of error when integrated well. By providing more holistic services to your “customers”, you also better position yourself to be a trusted … Read More

How ESG Reports Can Help with Recruitment & Retention (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

We’re facing a shortage of accountants and the “great resignation” is putting the employee in a position of power in deciding whether to stay with a current employer or jump to another employer. When recruiting and retaining employees, how do organizations differentiate themselves as an employer of choice? The answer: ESG reports. No, we’re not talking about the big attestations … Read More

How Accountants Are Managing Hybrid Work: What Research Tells Us (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

We’ll be sharing the results of the 2021 hybrid work policy and cybersecurity risk research survey conducted by the Center for Accounting Transformation. Learn how corporate culture impacts hybrid work policies and how those policies impact an organization’s cybersecurity risk. Also, get insights into what organizations are doing and learn how your organization stacks up against the rest. With hybrid … Read More

How Accountants’ Ethics are Impacted by the ABCD of the Digital Age (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

Emerging technology trends like Automation (including artificial intelligence), Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data governance (ABCD) are driving digital transformation and organizations’ move into the digital age. Yet we can’t let technology drive us forward without asking the question of “is it Ethical?” to use technology or data in a particular way. As organizations go through digital transformation, it’s important for accountants … Read More