Welcome: Course Introduction

Welcome to Test Course for Setup Instructions.

We are happy to have you along for this process. In this self-study course, you will learn how the Education Admin members of the Center can successfully create a course, build out modules, enter in content, load videos, set protocols and finally, launch the self-study course for purchase.

There are a number of Modules associated to this course. Each module will provide the Education Admin with a valuable insight on setting up each component that creates the Self-study program. In order to pass the Test Course, you must successfully complete set-up of a Self-study course so it is precisely like the “How to Use MS Teams for Internal & Client Communications & Collaboration” course, which we will reference and use as our model.

Please be sure that every Module (lesson) is checked as complete before advancing. You will have the ability to go back to a previous Module (lesson) if you choose, but you may not advance to the next Module (lesson) until you complete those prior.

To begin your course, please click the Mark Complete button at the bottom right of this frame and then click on Module 1: Today’s Objectives on the left side preview menu.


Learning Objectives:

  • Set up new course in LearnDash
  • Create Modules
  • Create Quizzes (Knowledge Checks)
  • Set up Final Assessment with pass/fail score parameters
  • Load video segments within Modules
  • Complete course set-up and Publish course
  • Tie course to WooCommerce for sales/purchase