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Through our core programming, we enable business professionals to be change agents: to empower others and to serve as a catalyst for transformation. By empowering each professional to serve in their greatest potential, as agents for positive, social transformation, we #EnableTransformation. We invite you to join us for any of the following programs and engagement opportunities listed below:

The Value of Personal Resilience: What Accountants Need to  Know
Are you at risk for burnout? Becoming too focused on meeting deadlines and ignoring your physical and mental health can have an adverse affect on many business professionals who work more than 40 hours a week; especially for tax accountants during busy season. Finding a balance and giving time for self-care is not only important for the employee, but also for the firm, and their clients. This on-demand webinar is a must!

Live More, Stress Less: How to Stay Self-aware and Beat Burnout
Accounting professionals, more than anyone, know that sometimes it can be difficult to switch off from work – even on your days off. Although you may feel you are able to maintain the fast pace of work – without taking time to identify what drains you or lights you up – you may eventually become less productive if burnout sets in. Learn the importance of detoxing from work stress and gain some tips for #selfcare including the benefits of journaling, the importance of self-reflection and how to recognize priorities without compromising personal health.

Using Technology to Enhance Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Work Environment
Texting, emails, instant messaging, and virtual meetings have all been accused of harming our ability to build relationships with coworkers and managers. The rise of remote work and hybrid work also reduces a manager’s direct visibility of an employee’s disengagement and a manager’s ability to employ traditional informal coaching via a lunch meeting or chat by the watercooler. Luckily a new class of human resources software focused on “employee engagement” provides a structured way to translate things like appreciation, 1-on-1s, management by walking around, and other in-office management techniques into the virtual world—and it’s affordable by small organizations too.

Online Community: Our Collective Impact to #improvetheworld
The Center for Accounting Transformation provides an online community where business professionals can network, share resources, access information, learning programs, and much more. Our communities help enhance your success by offering the opportunity to stay informed on business transformation trends and issues, get involved with shaping the future of our profession, and network with other like-minded professionals who want to succeed together. Through the collective influence of our community, together we have a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders, their employees, their clients and customers, their communities, and anyone who has a vested interest in creating a vibrant, local-balanced economy.

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