Using Technology to Enhance Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Work Environment

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Firm Transformation

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6 Hour(s) - CPE Credit(s)


6 Hour(s)


Experience Lab


Texting, emails, instant messaging, and virtual meetings have all been accused of harming our ability to build relationships with coworkers and managers. The rise of remote work and hybrid work also reduces a manager’s direct visibility of an employee’s disengagement and a manager’s ability to employ traditional informal coaching via a lunch meeting or chat by the watercooler.

Luckily a new class of human resources software focused on “employee engagement” provides a structured way to translate things like appreciation, 1-on-1s, management by walking around, and other in-office management techniques into the virtual world—and it’s affordable by small organizations too. Attend this course to get to “play with” and experience these leading-edge tools that can help you to gain visibility into where your teams are excelling and struggling, and spot issues before they become problems. Virtual employee engagement can help you to improve productivity and decrease turnover.


  • Identify which management techniques can be facilitated by software
  • Differentiate between three software packages and the employee engagement aspects they facilitate
  • Identify the cost of different software packages based on your organization’s needs


June 23, 2022


11:00 am - 5:00 pm