Our Tenets

The Center for Accounting Transformation

The Center for Accounting Transformation values a system that moves beyond a generalized, prescriptive approach and offers our community a personalized, action-oriented blueprint with the necessary coaching and support services in order to actualize their pathway.

We do this in collaboration with the intelligence and wisdom of other leaders in the profession, currently serving as practitioners of innovation and aligned with the Center’s tenets.

Our tenets serve as a guide for our individual and collective behavior and decisions as we work to #improvetheworld.



We innovate and validate what we do by thinking “outside the box”. We look for creative, yet reasonable, approaches toward a solution and testing each solution from multiple perspectives, ensuring that the solution is the best fit for our clients.



We adapt to our ever changing environment – transformation to meet new challenges. We anticipate change to stay ahead of its tide, and manage change to not be left in its wake.

Know - How


Knowledge is valueless without the “know-how” to apply it. We capture our know-how by adapting and refining our methodologies based on best practices and real-world experiences.



Integrity is the foundation of our credibility as accountants. We take ownership of all that we do and say. We base our opinions and actions on sound principles and reliable research. We embrace ethical business and personal conduct and expect our clients’ conduct to also be ethically sound.



All of our values work together through an association based on trust. We trust each other to act in accord within our values. This trust enables us to strive for achievement, knowing that the Center, our colleagues, and our clients will support us in getting there and help us learn from our mistakes.



Knowledge is dynamic and it must be applied to provide value. We strive to continuously validate what we know and discover what we don’t know. We share our knowledge amongst ourselves and with our clients, to foster knowledge growth and professional development for all involved.



We recognize each person as an individual and that they bring unique aspects to a team. We work to maintain a harmonious work environment that embraces the diversity of each individual on the team. And, we are diligent in our efforts to honor each person’s uniqueness as we work together, in harmony and from a place of respect for the team and the profession at large.



The synergy of our strengths provides higher value service to our clients than each of us alone. Through teamwork we mitigate each other’s weaknesses and enable all involved to achieve more than they would alone. We partner with each other and our clients to enable personalized solutions that provide strategic advantage.



We strive for a high-level of quality and continuously seek to improve what we do and how we do it. Our products and services are of no less than the best of our individual and collective ability.


Let us stand in unity, as catalysts for change, and begin to accelerate the transformation of our profession and unlock the path towards a vibrant economy and a better world.

Donny Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA
Inspiration Architect for the Center for Accounting Transformation