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Unlock the Power of the Accounting Profession

As a profession that influences mindful business decisions, we have the opportunity to make a significant difference in our society and #improvetheworld.

We believe in an inclusive profession that includes accountants, certified professionals (e.g. CPAs, CMAs, CAEs, EAs, CITPs, CISAs, etc.), consultants that help advance knowledge and techniques, vendors who provide the tools, and associations that help to advance the profession’s practices and interests.

Serve as a Catalyst for Change

Through our core programming, we enable business professionals to be change agents: to empower others and to serve as a catalyst for transformation. By empowering each professional to serve in their greatest potential, as agents for positive, social transformation, we #EnableTransformation.

If you are an association or vendor, when your members and customers are individually and collectively committed to this path, our greatest impact comes in supporting a thriving ecosystem of transformed professionals driving mindful organizations across the globe. Together we #improvetheworld.

As a member of one of the most critical professions to serve entrepreneurs, investors, and the greater ecosystem of the business community, we can leverage our influence on — and perhaps obligation to — this fundamental backbone of our local economies… the success of small business and mindful business practices by larger enterprises. It this through this influence that we serve our ultimate stakeholder, the public.

The question is, will you continue to stand witness, a bystander to your own profession and apathetic to the opportunity at hand, or are you prepared to step forward and be part of the solution?

It is our calling as committed members of the accounting profession to collaborate with the next generation of leaders in firms, businesses, nonprofits, government, and academia, as well as our associations, to align our efforts to transform all types of organizations… and create alignment toward a shared vision of a better world.

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