Our HQ Team

All of our values work together through an association based on trust. We trust each other to act in accord with our values. This trust enables us to strive for achievement, knowing that The Center for Accounting Transformation, our colleagues, and our clients will support us in getting there and help us learn from our mistakes. We recognize each person as an individual and that they bring unique aspects to a team. We work to maintain a harmonious work environment that embraces the diversity of each individual on the team. We are diligent in our efforts to honor each person’s uniqueness as we work together, in harmony and from a place of respect for the team and the profession at large.

Our HQ Team

The synergy of our strengths provides higher value service to our clients than each of us alone. Through teamwork we mitigate each other’s weaknesses and enable all involved to achieve more than they would alone. We partner with each other and our clients to enable personalized solutions that provide strategic advantage.

Meet Our Headquarters Team

Donny Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA

Inspiration Architect

Morris Harris, CPA, CGMA, MBA

Transformation Pathfinder

Lisa Roman

Inspiration Logistician

Heather L. Bunning

Mission Outreach Architect

Tracey Smith

Inspiration Operative Liaison

Mai Le

Mission Outreach Specialist

Amy Welch, APR, CAE

Mission Advocacy Architect

Ala Shimamoto

Mission Outreach Specialist