Small Firm Cybersecurity Risk Package

Enterprise level cyber protection for small accounting firms

Get peace of mind with the right policy, technology, and strategy at an affordable price.

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Understanding Your Cybersecurity Tech Options: How Non-Techies Can Mitigate Their Malware Risks

  • Identify cybersecurity risk areas and associated business impacts
  • Classify your controls as: below basic, basic, better, or best in mitigating cybersecurity risks
  • Determine your residual cybersecurity risk
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Your workload is big enough without facing a ransomware attack.

Our Small Firms Cybersecurity Risk Management Package was created by a renowned cybersecurity risk management advisor and CPA.CITP, to provide small firm owners with peace of mind that their IT team (whether in-house or outsourced) are adequately managing their cybersecurity risks. We're also identified leading cybersecurity solutions and can compliment what your IT team already has in place at a reasonable price to further reduce your risks.

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