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For Associations

Associations are key to helping to move the accounting profession forward. By equipping practitioners with services and products that enable holistic and mindful business practices, we equip practitioners with the training and tools needed to have a greater impact through our work within the profession.
To support your efforts, we offer:
  • Virtual conference hosting services the enable an enriched and engaging participant experience for attendees, instructors, and vendors
  • Virtual classrooms and computer labs that support future of learning techniques
  • Hosted and managed learning management systems (LMS) that can be easily integrated with your AMS or CRM
  • Professional education programs from leading instructors that can be customized to your members and customers
  • Augmentation of your member/customer support team to provide higher level of service, especially for learning, events, and product utilization support
The Center for Accounting Transformation is committed to collaborating with associations to align our efforts to transform all types of organizations… and create momentum toward a shared vision of a better world.

Instructional Design

Professional Education Services

Shared / Managed Learning Platforms

The Center for Accounting Transformation provides services and products that you need to help ensure you have the tools and skills to drive performance and client success.
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