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The Center recognizes that many smaller organizations (accounting firms, associations, businesses, nonprofits, and vendors) may not have the staffing or resources to do their own research on the assumptions, best practices, frameworks, methodologies, principles, and societal implications that impact their strategy, tactics, operations, and stakeholders. To help empower smaller organizations with better business decisions, we provide collaboratively defined and funded research services.

Research Methodology

Our research is conducted both informally and formally. Most of the informal research that we do is collected via the courses that we facilitate, where the polling or assessment questions that we ask, seek to obtain an understanding of the learner’s:

  • Perceived implications of a topic
  • Perceived risks of a topic
  • Perceived opportunities presented by a topic
  • Intended actions based on the perceived implications, risks, and opportunities

The formal research that we do applies the scientific method to structure a project that provides insight and actionable takeaways into a particular topic. Guided by our agents, advisory boards, and academic research alliances, our formal research usually falls into two categories:

  1. Practices Research: research that seeks to create, identify, define, and/or validate a maturity model, its underlying paradigms and leading practices, its current level of adoption, barriers to adoption and ways to overcome them, and capturing of lessons learned via adoption or on-going operations.
  2. Product Research: research that seeks to understand the current product options in a given area, their differentiating factors, the organizations that provide them (to ensure they are mindful businesses), and the leading practices associated with each product. Products may include: courses, commercialized methodologies, events, programs, service offerings, software, and other technologies.

The outcome of our research is the formalization and validation of the underlying assumptions, best practices, frameworks, methodologies, principles, and societal implications of the missions that our agents undertake. These primarily take the form of whitepapers and toolkits.

Types of Research Projects

Aligned with Our Tenets of Innovation, Know-How, Knowledge, and Kaizen, our research projects seek to formalize and validate the underlying assumptions, best practices, frameworks, methodologies, principles, and societal implications to the missions that our agents undertake. The types of research services that we provide are described below.

Requesting Research Services

We accept research support requests from academia, associations (professional or trade), business owners, practitioners, and vendors. Requests are ranked by importance (opportunity or risk), immediacy (priority or timeliness), investment (cost and resource requirements), and impact (return or outcome alignment with Our Tenets). We also use a crowd-funding model for our research. Research projects may be funded by a single client, multiple clients, single agent, multiple agents, single vendor, or multiple vendors.

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