Start Your Firm Transformation

How We Help Accelerate Accounting Firm Transformation

Many accounting firm leaders have told us that while they want to evolve their people, processes, practices, and platforms, they have also indicated that the process of change is daunting and time-consuming. One-off seminars on practice management improvement also only scratch the surface and don’t provide the “how” to enact the changes. That is where the Center for Accounting Transformation is helping firms accelerate their transformation.

It starts with an assessment

The Center’s Firm Transformation Journey Assessment looks at the strategic, tactical, and operational aspects required to run a more effective and relevant accounting firm, and allows firms to identify and choose areas of improvement that will produce the greatest immediate impact while aligning the changes with the firm’s business strategy.
The assessment itself looks at, in detail, the current state of a firm in more than 100 areas under each of the six areas in the chart (above).  While that may sound daunting, the assessment takes a holistic approach to examining all aspects of a firm. For most firm leaders the assessment should require about an hour of time.

The Center provides a road map for each focus area

The Journey of Transformation Begins With a Single Step

Begin your no-obligation conversation with one of our transformation pathfinders from the Center for Accounting Transformation. Complete the brief Firm Improvement Review (FIR) Questionnaire and share your vision for your firm and the challenges you see in realizing that vision. After you have completed questionnaire, we'll set up a time to discuss your results and share strategies and recommendations on how you can maximize your path to success and start your transformation.