Internship Program

Gain Hands-on Experience 

The Center for Accounting Transformation Internship Program gives students the opportunity to obtain "hands-on" experience working in a business environment on "real life" programs and projects. It provides interns with exposure to a variety of practice areas and supports the learning of the basic skill set used in each practice area through the internship "Duty Stations".

Program Benefits

The Center for Accounting Transformation encourages knowledge sharing and diversity, which makes for a positive work environment. Our program allows interns to work flexible hours around their school schedule ranging from 15-20 hours per week. During breaks and summer sessions, interns have the option of increasing their hours to full-time status if their assigned project budget allows for the increased hours.

Interns are introduced to projects for companies that may provide networking and reference opportunities in their career, and have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about marketing, design, graphics and communications, content curation
  • Gain knowledge and experience in video editing and production for a variety of digital marketing programs and assets
  • Gain practical insight into key career paths in digital marketing
  • Develop time-management, organization, writing, and communication skills
  • Foster an understanding of virtual work trends across industries
  • Receive real-time mentorship from industry professionals with potential for project collaboration opportunities.
  • Gain familiarity with a virtual work structure, including tools and techniques to manage responsibilities and share information
  • Have the opportunity to gain academic credit with an eligible internship
  • Strengthen remote/virtual work skills and show ability to perform not just classwork virtually, but be committed to professional responsibilities
  • Hone skills for future work experience, and apply the experience to résumés for discussion during future interviews

Duty Stations

Our program is structured in a "tour of duty" format. Interns generally start off at the end of the marketing life cycle and work their way back to the beginning. Each "duty station" generally lasts one to two months (depending on the number of hours worked per week and the ability of the intern).

Marketing Campaigns
  • Assist in planning and executing marketing campaigns via email and web channels in support of events, webinars, surveys, demand generation, product updates and customer/affiliate engagement
  • Create lists to identify the target audiences of campaigns
  • Assist in managing digital advertising channels including Facebook and Google Ads and social media advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Assist in creation and deployment of a weekly LinkedIn newsletters
  • Create marketing campaigns and send e-communications to potential customers
Social Media
  • Serve as social media operations support
  • Help create engagement in online communities
  • Strategically grow social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Monitor and report on social media activity and audience engagement
  • Provide scheduling support of managed accounts
  • Utilize social scheduling tools such as Social Pilot, TweetDeck, Facebook, Buffer, Canva or similar to manage accounts and content
    Video Editing and Production
    • Conversion of video assets and use of established project folder structures and archiving
    • Support producers and editors in video editing and production efforts.
    • Assist with regular uploading of video to publishing platforms, including Vimeo, YouTube, Wordpress, Dropbox and Microsoft Teams.
    • Write consumer-facing video descriptions for appropriate platforms.
    • Organize and tag video content in online library and media asset management system.
      • Knowledge and usage of SEO is a plus
    • Edit provided raw webinars and screen-recordings to include audio and video trimming, potentially slight sound manipulation and color/light enhancement to ensure a highly quality asset
    • Familiarity with the features and functions provided by Vimeo, iMovie, Adobe Premier, and/or Camtasia
    • Customize and add lower thirds templates, music, bumpers and simple brand-approved transition and motion sequences to video content
    • Understanding or appreciation of various video content formats as well as how to treat them differently such as producing for social content or for long-form educational content
    • Adhere to brand direction and alignment of footage to an organization’s brand standards
    Marketing Support
    • Stay up to date with current digital marketing trends
    • Assist with execution of website content edits and updates using WordPress CMS
    • Collaborate with internal departments to create & deliver different marketing requests
    • Research topics and compose compelling communications, posts, and content pieces for diverse audiences
    • Help collect, analyze and present data to inform and drive campaigns, content, and overall marketing strategy

    Desired Candidates

    To get value out of the program, students should have had at least the core curriculum identified for the designated major. It is preferred that the candidates have basic knowledge of marketing, market research, and multimedia platforms. Candidates should have strong verbal and written communications skills. Candidates should have 1+ years of college pursuing a degree in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Multimedia, or similar media related field. They should also have and maintain high academic standards with their education institution.

    Work Environment

    It is imperative that a successful candidate have the ability to properly budget time and meet deadlines in such an environment. Individuals may be an intern, but they will be depended upon as a key team member and rely on individuals to fulfill assigned responsibilities. This is a remote/office-based position which may be performed anywhere in the United States. As a fully remote internship, it will require high-speed internet access and a dedicated workspace for company equipment.

    Interested in an internship?

    To be considered for an internship position, please submit a cover letter, resume, and letter of recommendation from an advisor to the Center for Accounting Transformation through the link provided below.