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Our Collective Impact to #improvetheworld

The Center for Accounting Transformation provides an online community where business professionals can network, share resources, access information, learning programs, and much more. Our communities help enhance your success by offering the opportunity to:

  • Stay informed on business transformation trends and issues,
  • Get involved with shaping the future of our profession,
  • Locate business partners and other collaborators, and
  • Network with other like-minded professionals who want to succeed together.

Through the collective influence of our community, together we have a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders, their employees, their clients and customers, their communities, and anyone who has a vested interest in creating a vibrant, local-balanced economy.

By empowering you to serve in your greatest potential, as agents for positive, social and business transformation, TOGETHER we fuel the entrepreneurial spirit and ignite the American Dream worldwide.
We provide a framework to our subscribers for utilizing innovations that are ready for adoption, the training and resources necessary to utilize the innovations, and, an opportunity to engage a talented community that helps further your pursuit of transformative business practices that drive responsible and mindful business performance.

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