Personal Resilience

The Key to Unlock Your Transformation

Personal Resilience refers to how effectively you handle difficult experiences in your work and your life. It is often described as the ability to 'bounce back' and continue on, even in the face of adversity. Additionally, Personal Resilience involves the ability to see a challenging situation as an opportunity rather than a problem or a threat. Resilient people view difficulty as a challenge to overcome, mistakes as lessons to be learned from, and other bad experiences as opportunities for growth. 

We all know that the workplace can be a stressful, challenging environment, and for accounting professionals, the threat of burnout is nearly 99% (based on asurvey conducted by FloQastin 2022). 

Personal resilience in the workplace can benefit not only the person, but the business as a whole. People can become more motivated and able to deal with change, not to mention not as susceptible to burnout. Having a positive approach to work and life can help maintain motivation, reduce stress and anxiety, and ignite a person to persevere and be seen as resilient. Building resilience is a personal journey that takes self-reflection, time and practice. 

This is why the Center is helping accountants and business professionals prevent burnout before it begins with programs and services focused on Personal Resilience. Together, we can identify solutions, make changes, implement better training, #EnableTransformation, and show the world the value of Personal Resilience.