Our Advisory Board
For Public Accounting

The Center for Accounting Transformation’s Advisory Board for Public Accounting serves to inspire and prioritize our efforts to transform accounting firms. 

The purpose of the Advisory Board for Public Accounting is to offer insight on the transformation needs of accounting firms and guide us toward “blue ocean” opportunities and needs.  

The guidance provided by this advisory board helps: 

    • Inform small and mid-sized accounting firms on strategic initiatives to consider for modernizing their practices. 
    • Identify resources that are already in the market that can help to drive transformation.  
    • Identify areas where content/guidance is needed. 
    • Identify new vendors or innovators that help to optimize or transform public accounting practice. 
    • Help public accounting firms prioritize initiatives to help fill the gaps within their practices. 
    • Identify key considerations when adapting techniques into the digital world. 
    • Identify ethical and independence considerations with the adoption of accounting innovations. 
    • Align the efforts of the Center to complement and elevate the work being done by other industry associations and consultants. 

    Included in the advisory board’s mission is also the identification of content, courses, consultants, and communities that help to drive the discussion of the topics and identification of leading practices associated with the above topics. 

    Advisory Board members consist of representatives from various segments of the public accounting community: accounting firms, accounting firm associations, professional associations, local and state CPA associations, and consultants to accounting firms.  

    The blend of expertise and perspective of this Advisory Board enables us to ensure our solutions are holistic and aligned with the future of the accounting profession. 


    Sona Akmakjian, CPA

    Senior Director, Global Accounting Strategic Partnerships, Avalara


    Victor A. Amaya, CPA

    Customer Success Team Lead, AuditMiner


    Jessica Cormier, CPA 

    Regional Director, North America, Allinial Global


    Sarah Elliott, CPA, PCC

    Co-founder and Principal, Intend2Lead


    Kari Hipsak, CPA, CGMA

    Senior Manager, Quality Management, GRF CPAs & Advisors


    Mike Maksymiw, CPA, CGMA, MSA

    Executive Director, Firm Foundation, Aprio


    Jennifer Scott

    Founder, CEO and Chief People Officer, HireEffect