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The Center for Accounting Transformation helps ensure that your products will be adopted by end users and appropriately integrated with other business solutions as appropriate. Leverage our knowledge of business solution architecture and business solutions implementation to develop best practices for implementation and integration of your product with an organization’s technology ecosystem. Choose from the following services to supplement your team’s knowledge and expertise:
  • Marketing & Branding-related
  • Services Prospect Management
  • Services Prospect Implementation Support Services
  • Product User Management Services
  • Product Development Services

You can leverage our broad knowledge of the business solutions marketplace and various industry-specific processes to better understand business process patterns and potential use cases for your products. This enables you to optimize your product development efforts and ensure you are solving real business challenges.

Our services can be particularly valuable to small and mid-sized software vendors who can then focus your resources on your product and technology development. By leveraging our business process models and implementation support services, you don’t have to develop both technical and consulting (implementation and project management) competencies, you can focus instead on you core strength—development of your product.

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The Center for Accounting Transformation provides services and products that you need to help ensure you have the tools and skills to drive performance and client success.
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