Our Advisory Boards

The Center for Accounting Transformation collaborates with leading professionals, firms, businesses, agencies, associations, and vendors that drive innovation and provide services and products that #enabletransformation.

Each of our Advisory Boards bring together a collective of divers experience, innovation, and insight that will help align the efforts of the Center to complement and elevate the work being done by other industry associations and consultants. Our Advisory Boards represent:

  • Audit: Professionals from varying sectors serving to offer experience and opinion to better serve the profession.
  • Finance: Professionals serving to stimulate our efforts to transform finance to better serve the profession.
  • Public Accounting: Professionals serving to inspire and prioritize our efforts to transform accounting firms.
  • Tax: Professionals focused on enhancing the tax transformation journey for accounting firms and professionals.

As committed members of the profession, it is our calling to seize the opportunity and nurture the seeds of transformation in collaboration with the next generation of business, technology, and nonprofit leaders.

 Would you like to join us in our mission to #improvetheworld through the transformation of the accounting profession?
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