Business and Boundaries for Better Time Prioritization and Work-Life Balance


Let’s face it, intent matters, and if you don’t have a good business culture or are taking care of your team, it’s not just your people feeling the impact, it’s also your organization’s overall performance that takes the hit. 

Personal sustainability is important not only for the business professional, but for the organization as well. With the ever-increasing pressure for organizations to do more, work more, produce more, business professionals seemingly get overlooked, which consequently leads to a higher rate of burnout and turnover. This is especially true in the accounting and finance fields. 



During this webinar our panelists will share information and examples of the impact positive leadership styles can have on an organization from its people to the bottom line; and how as a leader you can better advocate for your team through clearer boundaries for better time prioritization and work-life balance. So that in the end, not only is the work prioritized, but each individual’s care is prioritized as well. After all, your organization is only as good as its people. 



    • Evaluate factors leading to burnout in public accounting and what leaders can do to mitigate burnout and turnover.  
    • Describe business opportunities to simplify, plan ahead, and reduce latent cognitive load. 
    • Describe how small changes and mindset can make a big impact for staff members and managers. 
    • Identify ways to prioritize employee work-life balance.  
    • Demonstrate healthy boundaries with clear and open communication.