Staffing Strategy Research Sponsorship

The accounting profession is facing a staffing shortage and there are articles mentioning these shortages and accountant pipeline issues almost daily. Finding data on exactly what kind of staffing is needed is difficult. With all the talk about staffing issues right now, what are firms and finance departments doing to solve this issue? Have organizations applied all of the workload reduction techniques or demand reduction techniques possible? Where is the data to tell us what is successful?

These are some of the questions that we will analyze through this research study to help identify leading practices and innovative approaches that can be used to address staffing shortages moving forward.

By discerning areas of opportunity and education for firms and finance departments, our Staffing Strategies Research Study will help:

    • Quantify the staffing need. How much staffing is needed and what type of skills.
    • Assess whether firms and finance departments have utilized all of the potential ways to address this need. These we have grouped into the four main categories:
        • Internal hiring: traditional hiring (i.e. four-year accounting majors), but also hiring of community college for entry level position, EAs for personal returns, etc.
        • External hiring and alternate staffing: gig workers, outsourcing, offshore, shared staffing via associations
        • Workload reduction: use of automation, AI, and other technologies
        • Demand reduction: niching/specialization, client/customer culling, etc.

The following sponsorship levels and benefits are available for the Staffing Strategies Research Survey


The Value of Research

Benefits to respondents
  • Copy of final research with insights
  • Free CPE webinar to share results
  • Personalized benchmark and analysis on organization's success and staffing strategies for additional fee
Benefits to associations/groups
  • Benchmark for your region or groups of respondents
  • Free CPE webinar to share results
  • Use data to align your programs and services with target constituencies
  • Identify which success elements your members most need guidance for
  • Identify members who are most successful and leverage them as speakers or panelists, or for case studies
  • Association/group benchmark or program alignment analysis for additional fee

Most research focuses only on WHY something is an issue. We ensure our research provides actionable intelligence and drives mindful and holistic business decisions to #EnableTransformation.

Through academic partnerships, we ensure our research is not just marketing fluff, but scientifically-valid and provides insights that are free form bias and in accord with established literature.

We strive to offer benefit to both respondents of the survey as well as associations/groups who join us as allies.

By helping to fund this important research, your organization will also be viewed as forward thinking and a key supporter of accounting transformation.