Advisory Services Research

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Wouldn't you like to know?

The impact of advisory services delivered by accountants to businesses has never been quantified. Let's own the unknown.


Understand and quantify the impact advisory services has on business.


Learn what businesses want from their accountants.


Gain insights from your employees about their view of how successful you are as an organization.

How much value does your advice have?

Without a way to measure results, firms struggle to...

  • Be confident that the advisory services are clearly defined and align with what clients want...
  • Demonstrate their real value to businesses...
  • Convince firm members to focus more on advisory services...
  • Establish packages and pricing for services considered 'advisory'...

Accountants have been delivering many versions of advisory services for years. Together, we can uncover the results. And share them with the world.

We know there is a tremendous value in advisory services provided by accounting firms.  Now we need the data to prove it.
Avalara, the Center for Accounting Transformation, and CPA Trendlines have come together in partnership to launch a national survey that will finally help quantify the impact that advisory services have on the success of business.

Your role.


Take the survey.

10 minutes. That's all it takes to #improvetheworld. Click the link anywhere on this page to get started.


Share it.

Share it with your peers. If you are an accountant - or if you have an accountant - share this survey with others after you complete it.


Own the unknown.

With quantifiable data that reveals the value behind advisory services, accounting firms will be empowered to align their advisory services with what businesses want - and charge for the value they provide.

Solve the mystery.

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