The Value of Personal Resilience: What Business Professionals Need to Know (Self-Study)

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During this webinar, we will discuss the impacts of stress, burnout, and the importance of personal wellness especially during heightened times of seemingly never-ending responsibilities and expectations.

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Samuel Kim

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Courtney De Ronde CPA

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Amber Setter

Amber Setter PCC, CPA (Inactive)

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Course Overview

In this self-study course, we will discuss the impacts of stress, burnout, and the importance of personal wellness especially during heightened times of seemingly never-ending responsibilities and expectations. Our panel of experts will discuss some proactive strategies for preventing burnout, and what we should do to support someone that you think may be at risk for burnout. We will also discuss the role of coaching in creating well-being, and when it is important to seek help from a trained counselor/therapist.

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • ​​​Identify the cause of stress, burnout, and when it turns into mental health issues.
  • Describe how we can all start making small changes for productivity purposes.
  • Identify new ways to look at productivity and work-life integration during busy season.
  • Describe the difference between a coach and therapist and recognize the signs of when one is needed.

Authors: Donny Shimamoto, CPA, CGMA, CITP; Randy Crabtree, CPA; Dr. Samuel Kim; Courtney De Ronde, CPA; Amber Setter, PCC, CPA (inactive)
Intended Audience: CPAs and other business professionals who are seeking to learn more about how to understand the importance of self-care.
CPE credit(s): 1.5 hours
Field of Study: Personal Development
Prerequisite(s): None
Program Level Knowledge: Basic
Course Delivery Method: QAS Self Study



No advanced preparation needed to attend this course. No prerequisite knowledge is required to be successful in this course.


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Course publication 2023.

Learning Objectives

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