Cybersecurity risk assessment for your firm

The problem is accounting firms are known targets for hackers, and the IRS requires a written information security policy, which leaves you feeling vulnerable and confused about what type of policy and technology make sense for YOU.

Every firm, regardless of size, deserves the peace of mind that their data is safe and protected. You should never feel exposed to the newest virus, malware, or ransomware or worried that the IRS is going to sanction you unexpectedly. And, you should have access to enterprise level protection at an affordable price.

We understand that your workload is already crazy enough without having to figure out which policy and protection technology is best for your firm. Your IT team probably tells you that they have it all secured, but how you know for sure? IRS compliance also requires more than just technical controls, have you addressed all the policy and incident response requirements too? This is exactly why we created our B4 Cybersecurity Risk Assessment – to provide small firm owners with peace of mind that their cybersecurity risks have been mitigated to an acceptable level.

Here’s how we do it:

1. We learn about your firm’s services and tech stack.

2. We identify the subscription level that best meets your specific needs and budget.

3. You enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is protected and your firm has minimized the risk of disruption.

Contact an advisor today. And, in the meantime, watch the free webinar, Understanding Your Cybersecurity Tech Options: How non-techies can mitigate their malware risks to understand your options and how to determine the risk in your organization.

Stop worrying about the cybersecurity risks you face, and feel confident that you have the right policy, technology, and strategy for compliance in place to protect your firm and your clients.

Small Firm Cybersecurity Risk Package

Depending on where you have residual risks, we've identified the following enterprise products where we've pre-negotiated discounts for our Cybersecurity subscription holders. Retail prices are shown below, but we have generally obtained 5% to 20% discounts on many products or have been able to get waiver on things like initial setup fees (assuming self-onboarding).

We've selected the enterprise products that allow us to template and personalize their installation and configuration for small firms, giving you enterprise class protection at a reasonable price.