Small Firm Cybersecurity Risk Package

You need confidence that your firm's data is safe.
Where do you start?

It starts with having the right information security policy, technology, and strategy for IRS compliance in place to protect your firm and your clients. We are excited that you are taking the next steps to better your business and laying a solid foundation for years to come. By setting realistic goals and scheduling a consultation, you are moving towards a bright future. With our guidance, we believe you will ensure your digital transformation will not put you at undue risk.​ ​

Next steps: ​

  • Complete the Questionnaire which allows us to get a glimpse of your current state of business.
  • After completing the Questionnaire, you will be able to schedule your consultation.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Personalized Services

To help us prepare for your consultation, we ask that you take about 5 minutes to complete a questionnaire so you can get the most out of your session.

After you have completed the questionnaire, we'll set up a time to discuss your results and share strategies and recommendations on how you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your clients' data is protected and your firm has minimized the risk of disruption.

Not ready to schedule your consultation? We encourage you to watch the free webinar: Understanding Your Cybersecurity Tech Options: How non-techies can mitigate their malware risks to understand your options and how to determine the risk in your organization.