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Scharrell Jackson

CEO/COO; STJ Consulting Services, LLC


Scharrell Jackson is the founder and CEO of Leadership in Heels, a powerful speaker series, developing leaders at every level. As an international keynote speaker, Scharrell leaves audiences motivated, inspired, and challenged by her authentic keynotes. Her unconventional, holistic approach to delivering transformative messages drives attendees to take action and level up. Scharrell provides real-world solutions and tangible tips at every engagement with a riveting style that has listeners wanting more of her powerful words that change lives.

As an accomplished speaker and leadership coach, Scharrell leverages more than 25 years of executive experience while specializing in elevating leaders to their highest level of success. She is best known for her unconventional and custom approach that ignites the fire in leaders, converting ambiguity into clarity, insecurity into confidence, and fear into courage, yielding high-performance leaders through incredible breakthroughs.

She has served as a COO, CFO, and chief administrative officer across a wide range of industries, including fintech, manufacturing and distribution, non-profits, professional services, real estate, construction, technology, and wealth management. She drives strategy, profit improvement, mergers and acquisitions, operational efficiency, and human capital development—with diversity of thought and inclusion top of mind. Scharrell’s innovative model results in scalable and sustainable business success, leadership development, and cultural transformation. Her intimate approach through vulnerability and poise translates into atypical windfalls growing organizations year over year at a rate of 25%, top-line revenue from $3.5M to $400M, retaining staff at a rate of 95%, headcount growth on average 5X, operational expense reduction over 25% and implementation of DEI and Great Place To Work transformation.

As the go-to DEI Specialist, Scharrell’s ability to lead with diversity of thought while navigating the waters in industries lacking diversity, inclusion, and belonging sets her apart. The return on investment in her leveraging obstacles into opportunities is immeasurable. She has a unique approach that motivates, inspires, and captivates because of she offers prophetic insights, business acumen, connections with learning, and tangible tools. Scharrell has a proven track record of transforming one person at a time into a leader with a voice and a seat at the table while guiding individuals and organizations to outcomes that outpace the competition and create an ongoing legacy of high-performing leaders. As a keynote speaker, Scharrell’s engaging and thought-provoking presentations leave audiences with actionable insights and practical tools that they can implement immediately to elevate their leadership to new heights.

She is a woman with a mission who is focused on leading on purpose. Scharrell is passionate about creating high-performing leaders and dedicates her life to living on purpose.


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