Remote Work Practices and Cybersecurity Risk Research Report

Remote work practices and the leading practices to mitigate cybersecurity risks

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many organizations to quickly enable remote work and adopt remote work technologies. As the pandemic subsides, we’re seeing many organizations formalizing hybrid work policies to make remote work a regular perk. At the same time, cyber-liability insurance carriers have seen a record number of cybersecurity incidents and are starting to require that organizations have more proactive cybersecurity controls in place.

In a recent survey conducted by the Center for Accounting Transformation, our analysis pointed to a need for better awareness around cybersecurity risk and an understanding of controls to better mitigate those risks – properly balancing the benefits of remote work with its associated cybersecurity risks.

In This Report You Will Learn About:

    • Risk Aversion and Trust
    • Risk Tolerance versus Cybersecurity Controls
    • Remote Work Devices and Security
    • Securing the Home Network
    • Additional Cybersecurity Controls
    • Recommendations

Download the report to see where your organization falls in relationship to others in adoption of remote work practices and the leading practices to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Download the Report