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Feeling Burned Out? You're Not Alone.

Yes, the workplace can be a stressful, challenging environment. For accounting and finance professionals such as yourself, the threat of burnout is significantly high. But what are you supposed to do?

Finding a way to reduce stress and anxiety, maintain motivation, and ignite resilience sounds good, but how can it be achieved? It helps if you aren't doing it alone! That's why the Center for Accounting Transformation has created an online community just for you!

By bringing together members and thought leaders in the profession, the Center has set out to build a community and resource center that will help busy professionals learn to identify the causes of stress and burnout, recognize when it turns into mental health issues, and view new ways to integrate productivity and work-life balance, as well as recognize the signs of when a professional career coach or a therapist is needed.

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Expand your network by connecting with others facing similar circumstances, as well as explore our online Services Directory that offers community members help with identifying, learning about, and contacting leaders and service providers with expertise in the Personal Resilience space. 

You are not alone in the pursuit for #selfcare and personal resilience! Complete the form today and join the conversation! Together, we can identify solutions, make changes, implement better training, #EnableTransformation, and show the world the value of Personal Resilience.