October 12, 2021

Are You Leaving Auditing Leveraging Tools on the Table?

By: Center For Accounting Transformation / news-and-updates

As the digital age expands, the accessibility of data by auditors also increases the ability to use automation tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness. 

A September 2021 article on MSN.com examines how COVID-19 forced many auditing professionals to more quickly adapt existing technologies. In “How Will the Auditing Profession Look in the Future,” the writer cites an EY report and explores the different areas of technology and how they will likely change the face of the auditing profession.  

“With digital transformation driving companies to adopt more complex business models, the audit profession has the opportunity to transform itself by adopting an agile mindset capable of embracing disruption, further exploring the flexible working shift with hybrid working models, and operating effectively in diverse, more technologically aware teams,” the writer states.  

To help auditors embrace technology to capitalize on these innovations, the Center for Accounting Transformation will host Audit Efficiency Tools Experience Labs, allowing attendees to test drive solutions. The event will be presented by Melisa Galasso, CPA, CPTD, founder and CEO of Galasso Learning Solutions, and Mark D. Mayberry, CPA, CITP, CISA, CIDA, a member of the AICPA Assurance Services Executive Committee Emerging Assurance Technologies Task Force.   

During the six-hour unique learning event, attendees will learn the emerging “information ecosystem” and how it can be leveraged to gain audit efficiency; obtain an overview of current data extraction, preparation, and analysis tools; and gain hands-on access to audit tools and see comparative results.  

The Audit Efficiency Tools Experience Lab is sponsored by WoltersKluwer, Inflo and Auvenir.

The Center for Accounting Transformation provides professionals with a framework for utilizing innovations that are ready for adoption, the training and resources necessary to apply the innovations, and an opportunity to engage the talent and community needed to further the pursuit of innovative accounting practices that drive responsible and mindful business performance. 

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