January 12, 2022

Penczak Joins Center for Accounting Transformation

By: Center For Accounting Transformation / news-and-updates

Change agent and marketing thought leader tapped to guide growth.

The Center for Accounting Transformation, an organization devoted to the transformation of the accounting and finance industry, announced the appointment of Bill Penczak as the organization’s chief transformation officer.

Already a thought leader on firm growth, culture, and profitability for the Center, Penczak now will focus on developing the Center’s unique integrated approach for accounting firm transformation, which examines the current and desired state for all aspects of operating a successful accounting firm and provides education, coaching, and capability development. Key performance areas that Penczak will cover include strategic planning, revenue growth, margin management, and human capital, as well as firm risk management.

“Bill and I first worked together while I was consulting with a middle market firm where he was the chief revenue officer, and from the outset I knew he ‘got it’ when it came to running an effective firm and driving growth. His background as a COO and as a global marketing and sales professional provides a unique perspective that accounting firms will appreciate as they navigate their evolution in a changing industry,” said Donny Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA, founder of the Center for Accounting Transformation and a 2021 Top 100 Most Influential People in Public Accounting according to Accounting Today.

“He has demonstrable results in the industry, as two of his client firms were named top 10 fastest growing CPA firms in the past three years,” Shimamoto added.

“CPA firms continue to be challenged by change, and firms will either adapt and evolve or be overtaken by more nimble and creative alternatives,” said Penczak. “I’m excited to be able to collaborate with the Center staff, advisory boards, associations, and state societies to create a tangible path and process for forward thinking firms to evolve. I also believe my experience will provide practical insights about how future-minded firms can grow to be what we’re now calling The Firm of 2030.

And with the leadership and vision of Donny Shimamoto, who I consider to be one of the sharpest minds in the industry, I’m flattered to be part of the Center team,” he added.

A graduate of the University of Texas-Austin, Penczak has been a shareholder in firms in two different industries, has served as COO of a consulting firm in which he led a turnaround, and has held regional, national and global marketing and sales roles for CPA firms. He is also the founder and chief insights officer of MICA Ventures, a professional services consulting firm based in the Seattle area.

A regular contributor to CPA Trendlines on topics related to firm management, growth, and people issues, Penczak is also currently writing a book, “Big Fish, Little Pond: Catching Profitable Growth in Middle Market Professional Services.” In his spare time, he hosts a radio program on a community station in Sequim, Washington; serves as a community board member for the Field Art Center; and is a writer/producer for an online historical education nonprofit organization.


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