The Young Adult's Guide to Financial Independence: A Playbook for Managing Money, Building Wealth, and Establishing Credit

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Feeling overwhelmed by adult money matters? You are not alone. The Young Adult's Guide to Financial Independence is your friendly guide to navigating the exciting (and sometimes confusing) world of personal finance. This book breaks down everything you need to know, from everyday budgeting to long-term wealth building. Learn how to manage your money like a boss, make your money work for you, build a rock-solid credit score, and protect your wealth.
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Additional Information

Written by an experienced accounting professional, “The Young Adult’s Guide to Financial Independence” uses clear language to make finance fun and relatable. This book contains a set of simple tips to help you build the financial foundation to become an independent adult. Each tip is simplified into digestible bites that can be implemented on your schedule.

In this book you will learn how to:

  • budget with buckets
  • automate your money
  • simplify investing
  • understand how credit works
  • get a starter credit card
  • and many more…

Managing finances is a learned skill set, especially for someone who is not used to dealing with it. This book is the perfect financial starting point for any new graduate or young adult. With this book as your roadmap, you’ll be well on your way to achieving financial freedom and adulting like a pro.