December 22, 2023

Don’t Ignore Stress and Anxiety During Busy Season

By: Center For Accounting Transformation / article

Excessive stress and anxiety can cause a drop in productivity, missed workdays, and disengagement. Getting help early can be key to vitality.

As the seasons change, so do the demands on our time and energy. For many, the approaching busy season brings with it a heightened sense of urgency and the need for increased productivity. In the midst of this hustle, it’s essential to equip ourselves with the right tools not only to survive but thrive. However, many simply don’t know where to turn or how to begin.

The Center for Accounting Transformation presents “Vitalities and Strengths to Equip You for Busy Season,” a webinar designed to help accountants take back control of their mental health and understand how working with a therapist can help lessen the chance of burnout. The webinar will take place Jan. 23, 2024, 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET.

Therapy is a place to tackle issues within the context of the whole person. You can’t speak to a line item without taking into context the whole business.”

— Dr. Samuel Y. Kim, Psychologist, Professor, Speaker

Panelists include Dr. Samuel Kim, a psychologist, professor, and speaker; Randy Crabtree, CPA, co-founder and partner at Tri-Merit Specialty Tax Professionals; and Natalie Branscomb, CPA, a seasoned professional serving as a Project Manager at IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC (ITK). The Center’s founder, as well as ITK founder and managing director, Donny Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA, will moderate the event.

Panelists will help attendees recognize the effects and impact of stress, anxiety and burnout, as well as better understand the importance of self-care. Additionally, they will discuss realizing when professional help is needed and destigmatize therapy, as well as help understand how to identify a professional who meets your needs. Proactive techniques to reduce stress before burnout occurs will also be highlighted.

Kim, a noted psychologist, said, “Just like there are many ways to get ‘healthy,’ mental health is a very individual journey and may not look like anyone else’s story. Therapy is a place to tackle issues within the context of the whole person. You can’t speak to a line item without taking into context the whole business.”

Branscomb agreed. “Getting better is an ongoing process,” she said. “Change won’t happen overnight, and you can’t do it alone.”

Because navigating the busy season is not a solo journey, attendees will also have access to a supportive online community of like-minded individuals to share experiences, exchange tips, and draw inspiration from a network of professionals committed to thriving during demanding times. Additional resources, such as an expert directory and relevant articles, are available in the Center’s online community. The strength of the Center community becomes your strength, providing encouragement and motivation when you need it most.

In the face of a busy season, equipping yourself with Vitalities and Strengths is not just a choice; it’s a strategic advantage. Embrace the power of energy, resilience, strategic time management, mind-body harmony, and community support. Unleash your full potential and redefine what success looks like during the busiest times. Arm yourself with the mental and emotional fortitude needed to overcome obstacles, ensuring you emerge from busy season stronger than ever. Register now for Vitalities and Strengths to Equip You for Busy Season.

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