July 22, 2021

Why Managers Are Key to D&I Success at Work

By: Center For Accounting Transformation / article

Learn why this CPA says including all managers in D&I programs is critical to firmwide DEI progress and success and to “fueling performance and growth.”

 In a spring article for AccountingWEB, Jina Etienne, CPA, CGMA, of Etienne Consulting, discussed an article extolling the virtues of middle managers and their hardships due to the nature of their positions. In it, Etienne wrote, “So in addition to managing up (directives from leadership, demonstrating technical expertise) and managing down (developing people, supporting process), they are also managing out (client relationships, business development) and across (cross-functional teams, firm projects).”

She goes on to explain the importance of D&I initiatives and how those are critical to recruiting and retaining talent, but also equally important to keep fluid, as it is not a goal to set and “just check off as completed.” Etienne added that firm leaders need to involve managers in all of their D&I initiatives because of their unique positions—and opportunities—within the firm.

Etienne shares success tips for both firms and managers, including:

  • Identify metrics for managers based on outcomes, not activities;
  • Invite input into the tactics and timelines for strategy implementation;
  • Provide training, coaching and personal development opportunities;
  • Become a mentor and consider reverse mentoring; and
  • Be a champion, an ally and a sponsor.

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As Etienne says, “That connection is key to unlocking the power of diversity that fuels performance and growth.”

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