How to Modernize Your Accounting Tech Stack with Mature Innovations (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

Learn to revamp your service offerings to increase profitability (accounting firms) or reduce cost (accounting departments) as well as optimize your staff’s workload. While many technologies come with some cost, they can greatly reduce manual labor and risk of error when integrated well. By providing more holistic services to your “customers”, you also better position yourself to be a trusted … Read More

How Accountants Are Managing Hybrid Work: What Research Tells Us (On Demand)

Donny Shimamoto

We’ll be sharing the results of the 2021 hybrid work policy and cybersecurity risk research survey conducted by the Center for Accounting Transformation. Learn how corporate culture impacts hybrid work policies and how those policies impact an organization’s cybersecurity risk. Also, get insights into what organizations are doing and learn how your organization stacks up against the rest. With hybrid … Read More

Taking Control of Your Mental Health Before Burnout – On Demand

Randy Crabtree

Stress is synonymous with the accounting profession, and anxiety is a common mental health issue experienced by many. Coupled together, excessive stress and anxiety in the workplace can cause a drop in performance, missed workdays, poor productivity, disengagement, and physical and mental health issues. It’s an uncontrollable spiral. Stop the cycle, take back control of your mental health, and return to … Read More

Business and Boundaries for Better Time Prioritization and Work-Life Balance

Kiera Speed

Evaluate factors leading to burnout in public accounting and what leaders can do to mitigate burnout and turnover Describe business opportunities to simplify, plan ahead, and reduce latent cognitive load Describe how small changes and mindset can make a big impact for staff members and managers Identify ways to prioritize employee work-life balance Demonstrate healthy boundaries with clear and open communication

Live More, Stress Less: How to Stay Self-aware and Beat Burnout

Donny Shimamoto

Accounting professionals, more than anyone, know that sometimes it can be difficult to switch off from work – even on your days off. Although you feel you are able to maintain the fast pace of work – without taking time to identify what drains you our lights you up – you may eventually become less productive if burnout sets in. … Read More

The Value of Personal Resilience: What Business Professionals Need to Know

Randy Crabtree

Are you at risk for burnout? Becoming too focused on meeting deadlines and ignoring your physical and mental health can have an adverse affect on many business professionals who work more than 40 hours a week. Finding a balance and giving time for self-care is important.

Enabling Hybrid Work: How to Ensure a Holistic Approach to Customer, Employee, and Cybersecurity Risks

Donny Shimamoto

The move to remote work changes not just your cybersecurity risks, but adds an element of customer-facing risks, and also increases employee engagement risks. Learn more about these risks and some practical tactics to mitigate these risks by attending this session designed for non-techies. Learn what questions to ask your IT team and what you can do to reduce your … Read More

Understanding Your Cybersecurity Tech Options: How Non-Techies Can Mitigate Their Malware Risks

Donny Shimamoto

Confused by all of the techno-mumbo jumbo around cybersecurity technologies? Let us help demystify it for you. This session, designed specifically for non-techies, will talk through the major cybersecurity risk areas (malware protection, device management, email protection, backup, secure document exchange, e-Signatures, etc.) and the types of options of solutions in each area that helps mitigate those risks.

Cryptocurrency Taxation: Nuts, Bolts and Tax Law Updates (V1)

Shehan Chandrasekera

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether are two trending topics in the fin-tech world. In this self-study course gain a high-level, non-technological understanding of the history of cryptocurrencies and the taxation of common cryptocurrency related transactions.