The D&I Business Case: Understanding the Link Between Diversity & Performance

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Firm Transformation

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Diversity is more than a “people” thing. There is increasing evidence and data linking diversity to financial performance. A McKinsey study links racial and ethnic diversity to improved financial returns – as much as 35% above national industry medians. A Deloitte study showed that diverse companies had higher cash flow per employee. Yet, the connection between diversity, inclusion and performance can feel elusive.

Join us for a conversation to help lay a foundation for talking about, engaging in, and working through D&I in your firm. In this session, we will explore questions like: What do we really mean when we say “diversity” AND “inclusion”? How should we be talking about D&I in our firms? We will explore the implications of D&I within firms and across the accounting profession and draw connections between statements of commitment to D&I, leadership intention, firm culture, and organizational performance.


  • Demonstrate the business case for diversity to better understand how it impacts organizational performance
  • Define, differentiate, and clarify “D&I” terminology as a starting point for firms to express their commitment to and understanding of D&I, and talk about D&I work within the organization
  • Explore the implications of diversity on organizations, groups, and teams


July 9, 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm