The Diversity Spectrum

Jina Etienne

Join us as we will look more broadly at different dimension of diversity and how they come together to influence workplace culture, and look at how diversity – visible and invisible, familiar and unfamiliar – can influence team dynamics and workplace relationships and discuss how to foster a culture of inclusion.

The D&I Business Case: Understanding the Link Between Diversity & Performance

Jina Etienne

Diversity is more than a “people” thing. There is increasing evidence and data linking diversity to financial performance. A McKinsey study links racial and ethnic diversity to improved financial returns – as much as 35% above national industry medians. A Deloitte study showed that diverse companies had higher cash flow per employee. Yet, the connection between diversity, inclusion and performance can feel elusive.

Join us for a conversation to help lay a foundation for talking about, engaging in, and working through D&I in your firm. In this session, we will explore questions like: What do we really mean when we say “diversity” AND “inclusion”? How should we be talking about D&I in our firms? We will explore the implications of D&I within firms and across the accounting profession and draw connections between statements of commitment to D&I, leadership intention, firm culture, and organizational performance.