Heather L. Bunning

Former journalist turned Marketing & Communications professional has not stopped Heather from chasing a good story. While following the latest story - undercover as a bartender - she stumbled upon an organization that unlocked her potentials; her true identity as ... >>

Mission Outreach Architect

Origin Story

... Mission Outreach Artchitect. She'll climb any mountain to save the day especially if her niece or an innocent dog is involved. It's the story we've all heard but it's perhaps the most iconic tale of all time.


Heather L. Bunning

Mission Outreach Architect

Using Donny’s manifesto and her expertise in marketing strategy, Heather developed the visual experience and user engagement strategy for the Center’s programs and community. She leads the Center’s team of mission outreach specialists to help spread the word about the Center and our greater purpose to #improvetheworld.


Known to have an inspirational and collaborative nature for cultivating relationships with various stakeholders, Heather is a Principal Consultant with over 25 years of marketing communications experience promoting the CPA profession and serving as an advocate for student advancement. 

Heather thrives on brand awareness and serving as a visionary for the development and implementation of new and innovative programs and services that will empower students and professionals alike. Through her career, Heather has created and managed national programs to educate, engage and recruit the best and brightest students to pursue accounting as a viable career path with intention to ultimately become CPA. Additionally, she has managed a brand refresh for a nationally known Career Technical Student Organization which included agency relationship management and implementation of a full marketing communications strategy, development of a new websiteand oversight of the organization-wide adoption and roll-out.  

 A former journalist that still likes the good story, Heather has focused her professional career on roles and responsibilities that have been about enrichment, educational advancement and transformation for othersAlong that path, she has dedicated many professional and personal hours working with, mentoring, and championing students, many of whom she has been honored to maintain relationships with to this day. 

Heather’s work and commitment to student advocacy has been recognized by a number of organizations including Business Professionals of America where she was elected to serve on the National Board of Trustees and awarded with the Outstanding Service Award in 2013, INROADS where they acknowledged her passion and commitment by inviting her to serve on the Southeast Region Board of Directors in 2012, and the American Institute of CPAs’ Academic & Career Development Team, which recognized Heather nationally for her commitment to student education and outreach in 2001. 

 A self-proclaimed curious learner and community advocate, when she’s not focused on work-based projects, she’s working on her green thumb, trying a new DIY project build, spoiling her Basset Hound Franklin Fury Bagginsor keeping up on her side-craft as a licensed bartender. After losing her mother to breast cancer in 2001, Heather became vigilant in advocating for breast cancer awareness and has been inducted into the Pink Honor Roll for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s Indianapolis Affiliate in 2006 & 2007, and has climbed both Mount Hood (2011) and Mount St. Helens (2012) for the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center’s Climb to Fight Breast Cancer initiative. 


  • Bachelor of Science in Communications, University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, Indiana (1995)
  • Social Media Certification, Hubspot (Issued August 2018, renewed August 2020)
  • Inbound Marketing Certification, Hubspot (Issued December 2019)
  • Google Ads Search Certification, Google (Issued August 2020)
  • Google Ads Fundamentals, Google (Issued July 2019)
  • Licensed Bartender & Certified Server, Midwest Bartenders School, Indianapolis, IN (February 2020)


Mountain Climber