Kiera Speed

In a world where chaos reigned supreme, we needed order more than anything. Along came Kiera Speed. From conferences to teams, Kiera uses her skills to facilitate effective problem-solving. It is no secret that her alter ego is….. >>

Inspiration Logistician

Origin Story

... Inspiration Logistician! Quick as lightning, Kiera can organize and direct like no other. Bringing order to anything she touches, Kiera now helps the Center maintain a high level of organization and balance.


Kiera Speed

Inspiration Logistician

A detail-oriented, team-focused professional, Kiera handles the Center’s course webinars, HR, and Diversity & Inclusion courses. With skills and experience across an exciting array of careers, paired with her ability to multitask, problem-solve, and scribe, Kiera will add an invaluable skillset to the Center’s program team.


Kiera began her career in public relations doing PR for a non-profit, then sports team, and then an agency. Using her love of planning events in these roles, she transitioned to become a full-time conference planner. Working for 13 years at the AICPA, Kiera planned virtual and onsite programs both domestically and internationally. Her focus areas included tax and financial planning, business valuation, estate planning, accounting for business and industry, as well as global perspectives.

When she is not focused on brainstorming and planning the next transformation program for the Center, you can likely find Kiera winetasting across the Carolinas, trying out new recipes, volunteering at the local Food Bank, or spending daylight hours outside playing basketball and soccer with her son.


  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Chapel Hill, NC (2006)
  • BA, Journalism and Mass Communication – Public Relations
  • Minor in Business Administration


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