Tracey Smith

At a young age, Tracey discovered that her chaotic environment activated her incredible powers. Senior Consultant by day ... >>

Inspiration Operative Liaison

Origin Story

... Inspiration Operative Liaison by night. Where there are questions, Tracey has the answers. Far from the usual consultant, Tracey has the unique distinction of being one of the few who can truly inspire and lead others to improve the world.


Tracey Smith

Inspiration Operative Liaison

Tracey started off only managing Donny’s speaking engagements, but is now the lead liaison between the Center and other associations and organizations that want to enlist the aid of the Center’s Inspiration Operatives (a.k.a. instructors/speakers) to create innovative and engaging programs. If you have a transformation topic for which you need a speaker, contact Tracey to help you figure out which Inspiration Operative would be the best one to assign to your case.


Tracey Smith is a Senior Consultant in the Professional Education division of IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC (ITK). ITK’s Professional Education division specializes in providing professional training and development resources within the context of the accounting profession and its associated disciplines.

Tracey manages our cadre of expert speakers who help to educate and inform accountants both in public practice and business & industry—helping to book them for conferences, webinars, and in-firm training events. Additionally, Tracey helps associations with program development and speaker recruitment, especially when they are trying to revamp programs to revitalize the approach to topics covered and incorporate more national speakers.

Prior to working for ITK, Tracey worked at the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA), where she managed meetings and conferences for almost 10 years. Tracey worked with subject matter experts to develop national custom learning programs for CPAs and was responsible for ensuring that the quality of the content and speakers was of the highest standard. During Tracey’s time at the AICPA, she managed a number of conferences, including the National Conference on Credit Unions, Global Manufacturing Conference, Construction and Real Estate Conference, Digital CPA, Interchange, EDGE, Emerging Partner Training Forum, IT Audit School, SOC School and the Practitioners and TECH+ Conference, which in 2017 combined with several other conferences to become ENGAGE, AICPA’s largest event with approximately 2500 attendees and over 300 sessions. She was also responsible for managing the annual conferences for the Association for Accounting Marketing and CPA Firm Management Association in the years that they co-sponsored programs with the AICPA.


  • B.S. Business Administration, concentration in Marketing, University of North Carolina at Wilmington (2006)


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