April 26, 2024

Center for Accounting Transformation Welcomes 10kCreators CEO to the Team

By: Center For Accounting Transformation / news-and-updates

Mathew Heggem says, “There’s a level of excellence and innovation, grounded in knowledge and wisdom that is apparent.”

The Center for Accounting Transformation is delighted to welcome Mathew Patrick Heggem as a Mission Advocacy Architect to its team. Heggem, the founder & CEO of 10kCreators.com, a social enterprise committed to empowering 10,000 creators by providing mentorship, training, community, and critical resources for financial wellness, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the Center’s mission. 

“I love that we’re focused on transformation,” Heggem said. “That’s my jam! I also really appreciate the level of integrity around the work that we do.”  

From Starving Artist to Financial Advocate
Heggem’s journey is a testament to resilience and creativity. Having survived the life of a starving NYC artist, he emerged with a profound understanding of the challenges faced by fellow artists and small business owners. Driven by personal experience, he founded 10kCreators.com to help others avoid the pitfalls he encountered.

A Diverse Career in Accounting and Beyond
With 18 years in the accounting industry, Heggem has held leadership and growth roles at various firms. His contributions extend outside the office, as he served on leadership boards such as the Sage Accounting Advisory Council and the Greenwich Village-Chelsea Chamber of Commerce. His expertise earned him recognition as a “20 Under 40” professional to watch by CPA Practice Advisor in 2017 and 2023. 

Heggem’s influence also extends to publications. He has authored 30+ articles for periodicals and sources, including the Accountex Report, SmartCEO, and Entrepreneur.com. His speaking engagements at conferences like QuickBooks Connect and XeroCon have inspired audiences across the industry. 

A Vision for Transformation
Beyond accounting, Heggem co-founded the Accounting Alchemy Network, where he champions regenerative business practices for accounting professionals. His commitment to positive change aligns perfectly with the Center’s mission. 

Artistry Meets Accounting
Heggem’s artistic journey is equally impressive. With more than 18 years of experience in modern and contemporary dance, he co-founded two NYC-based dance companies: Kineasthesia and Left Side Labs. His solo and group performances have graced stages at arts festivals, cabarets, and theaters throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Currently, Heggem is producing a dance film alongside collaborators Gregory Bortnichak, Emma Batman, and newcomer Kady Richardson. His artistic spirit and entrepreneurial drive make him a valuable addition to the Center’s team. 

The Center’s Commitment to a Better World
The Center recognizes the power of accountants to shape a more just business landscape. Heggem’s passion and expertise will contribute to the Center’s mission of transforming the profession. However, with his journey from artist to advocate, he’s an inspiration for the positive impact everyone can make to #improvetheworld.   

“Donny has assembled an incredible group of individuals to make a difference in the accounting industry, and he’s taken the time to build the Center from the ground up, knowing exactly how we need to be in the marketplace to have an impact,” Heggem said. “There’s a level of excellence and innovation, grounded in knowledge and wisdom that is apparent.  

“I’ve not seen these things expressed so clearly at any other organization.” 

Heggem’s primary responsibilities will be to optimize opportunities for Center allies and help them ultimately reach their own marketing impact goals through strategic partnerships. 

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