May 6, 2024

Accounting ARC Podcast Episode 1 – Mission Briefing: Beginnings

By: Center For Accounting Transformation / podcast

The Accounting ARC (Analysis, Reaction & Comedy) Podcast introduces a trio of accounting heroes who are on a mission to revolutionize the way the world views accounting. In their inaugural episode titled “Mission Briefing: Backgrounds,” these financial champions pull back the curtain to reveal the origins of their expertise and the driving forces behind their decision to become accountants:  

Liz Mason, CPA: 

  • Liz Mason, CEO, and founder of High Rock Accounting, shares her journey. Interestingly, her dad used accounting lessons almost as a punishment during her youth, which ultimately fueled her success in the field. 
  • She also reveals some intriguing assignments, including audits for casinos and tax returns for prostitutes in Nevada. 

Byron Patrick, CPA/CITP, CGMA: 

  • Byron Patrick, vice president of Client Success at the B3 Method Institute, draws inspiration from playing a still-popular board game during his school days. This experience prepared him for success in accounting. 
  • His career moves are equally fascinating, driven by natural ability and internal espionage. 

Donny Shimamoto, CPA/CITP, CGMA: 

  • Donny Shimamoto, founder and managing director of IntrapriseTechKnowlogies, initially had a passion for information technology. However, mentors guided him to add accounting to his professional background, paving the way for future success. 
  • Donny’s assignments even took him aboard a U.S. Navy ship during war games. 

Fear not, because Accounting ARC isn’t your typical dry accounting lecture. These heroes inject a healthy dose of humor into every discussion. So, join us on an entertaining adventure through the world of finance, where numbers reign supreme, and heroes emerge from the fires of fiscal responsibility.  

Check out the inaugural episode of the Accounting ARC Podcast on the Center’s YouTube channel.

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