August 3, 2022

Transformation Talks Podcast: Transformation through Adoption

By: Center For Accounting Transformation / podcast

Transformation Through Adoption of a Growth and Abundance Mindset

Transformation Talks host Bill Penczak welcomes Mike Maksymiw, CPA, CGMA, the leader of Aprio’s Alliance – Firm Foundation, who shares his thoughts on why the secret to success and transformation in accounting lies in the willingness to learn, believe there’s enough work for everyone, adapt and be willing to honestly examine the sustainability of the firm’s services… or risk losing retirement checks.  

When change hasn’t happened for more than a decade, it can make even the most dedicated of professionals throw their hands in the air and say “enough”. Wanting to have an impact on the profession as a whole, this is the position Maksymiw found himself in. His is a story that seems to be becoming more and more prevalent.  

Firms with rigid pay schedules and little attentiveness in developing the talents and interests of their employees are finding themselves losing talent to more flexible companies. There are specific, unique cultural attributes of firms that have been more successful in their transformation. The underlying message is that to truly get the most of your profession, you must allow yourself to be vulnerable in your network. And in order for firms to evolve, professionals themselves must first do some introspection.





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